from by Chemicide



Living in a society built in hatred
We close our eyes and hide in fear
Oppressing our people, years in distress
When freedom of speech is just a dream

The law has become the jewel in the crown of state repression
We let these acts criminalize an entire generation
Activists and dissidents looking for peace
Re-branded as terrorists that murder at will


The right to raise your voice
The time to fight for your rights
It has been renamed
Now it’s called sabotage

Granting themselves powers unilaterally
They’ll control this global society
So when the streets run red and the kids have no one else to play with
Everyone will realize that the government has to pay


from The Act of Retaliation, released June 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Chemicide San José, Costa Rica

We started as 4 maniacs that wanted to play good ol' thrash metal under the name of conqueror, we recorded our 1st Ep under that name titled: In the Depth Of Darkness. We decided to change our name to Chemicide and we recorded another Ep. Now with a lot of line-ups after we came back with a record that'll split your head wide open! Cheers ... more

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